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Gregory Nettles
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Megatak v. 4.5; Warrior of the Future
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Assassin; former industrial spy

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Industrial spy Gregory Nettles was hired by an unidentified video game company to steal rival Nogari Corporation's newest game, Megatak, as it was two generations more advanced than any other game. Nettles attended an electronics convention where the game was set to debut and paid Nogari's costumed Megatak spokesman for his outfit. Dressed as the video game character, Nettles, desperate to steal the game before it debuted, attempted to sabotage a backstage control panel as a Nogari representative turned the game on. Somehow, while holding the game's wiring, Nettles was transformed into electric energy and pulled into the game's programming. When the game was restarted, Nettles - now believing he was Megatak - emerged and rampaged through the convention center before being confronted by the Asgardian Sif and then Thor Odinson. Realizing Megatak's energy was electric in nature, Thor used his hammer, Mjolnir, to overload his foe with electricity and then drained it, leaving a defeated and powerless Nettles for the authorities. Once out of jail, Megatak plotted revenge but was slain by a Scourge of the Underworld vigilante before he could take action.

Years later, Nettles' body was exhumed by the Hood (Parker Robbins), whose mystic abilities resurrected and enhanced Megatak and numerous other Scourge victims, falsely telling them the Punisher (Frank Castle) was Scourge. Working with computer hacker Microchip (David Lieberman), Megatak helped track Punisher's ally Henry Russo and traveled cyberspace, emerging from Henry's computer. Megatak sent Punisher's war journal to Microchip and then pulled Blue Streak through to chase Henry.

Powers and Abilities


Possessing electrokinesis, Megatak can control electricity and electric-powered items. He can project this energy raw or create solid constructs and can convert his and other people's physical forms into an energy state capable of traversing cyberspace. Megatak's computer-like mind can interface with most known software.