Godstorm (Earth-616)
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Unpronounceable to humanoids
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Leader of the storms of Cragmouth

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Godstorm is a name for the leader and most powerful member of a race of Asgard-based sentient storms that dwell in the Cragmouth cave when not raging in the skies. The storms typically served the Asgardian thunder god, Thor Odinson, happily granting him their power whenever he requested. Circa 912 AD, Thor's mischief god adoptive brother, Loki Laufeyson, plotted to use Godstorm as an instrument of vengeance for humiliation at Thor's hands. Traveling to Cragmouth, the forbidden dwelling of the storms, Loki lied and tricked Godstorm into believing Thor had no regard for the storms, thinking of them only as slaves. During a battle between Thor's cherished Vikings and the renegade and bloodthirsty Berserkir tribe, Thor called on the mightiest of Cragmouth's storms to turn the tide of battle in favor of the Vikings. Godstorm heeded the call, but Loki further encouraged Godstorm's anger against the thunder god, appealing to its pride and vanity, and it turned against Thor, nearly defeating him in battle. Eventually, however, Thor regained control of Godstorm, using its power to generate a whirlpool that vanquished the Berserkirs. To punish it for its rebellion, Thor trapped Godstorm beneath the sea floor near Oslo, Norway.

In recent years, Thor and his fellow Avengers defeated the super villain Weathermaker (Jared Carstairs), who used technology such as freeze rays and wind generators to simulate various weather effects. During the battle, Thor was called back to Asgard by Odin, leaving the remaining Avengers to defeat Carstairs. Only hours after incarceration, however, Carstairs used his weather altering technology to summon the world's most powerful storm to free him. The still-trapped Godstorm responded by lending Carstairs a fraction of his power, transforming him into superhuman Torrent, giving him extraordinary control of the weather as a tool for vengeance against Thor. When Torrent began to wreak havoc on New York City, Thor challenged him in battle. During the skirmish, Thor learned Loki was behind a new, elaborate plan to undermine the thunder god's good standing with Odin. Distracted by the battle with Torrent on Earth, Thor was unable to join Asgard's forces as they prepared for war against the trolls. Odin, hearing Loki's accusations of Thor's loyalty to Earth over Asgard, questioned the thunder god's dedication to his people. When Torrent threatened to unleash all of his power at once and level New York City, Thor transported him to Asgard, where he defeated Torrent by hurling him into the middle of the troll forces, routing their attack on Asgard and showing his dual allegiance to Asgard and Earth posed no threat. With Asgard saved, Odin stripped Carstairs of his powers, returning him to normal, and sent him back to Earth to receive his punishment; Thor remained unaware of Godstorm's involvement in Torrent's origin.

Years later, the crew of an underwater drilling rig, mistaking Godstorm for an oil deposit, freed it. Its powers grown dramatically during the centuries of imprisonment, Godstorm destroyed the oil rig and swore to eliminate the human race. Thor fought Godstorm again, but this time was outmatched. As Godstorm stood on the verge of killing Thor, Loki - having planned for his moment - usurped Godstorm's power and used it against Thor. Loki nearly killed Thor, but when Thor called on the storms' aid, the virtually powerless Godstorm realized its own hubris and recognized Thor's nobility. It summoned the other storms from Cragmouth to assist Thor. Altogether more powerful than their most powerful single member, the storms stripped Loki of his stolen power. Thor defeated Loki and turned him over to the storms of Cragmouth to be judged for his crimes against them. Godstorm rejoined the storms in Cragmouth.

Powers and Abilities


An immensely powerful, sentient storm cloud, Godstorm can generate lightning, thunder, powerful winds and presumably other atmospheric conditions. At his peak, his weather control surpassed Thor's, though his level following his recovery from Loki's draining his energies is uncertain.


Godstorm can adopt humanoid form, projecting powerful lightning bolts and releasing tendrils from his hands to wrap around and immobilize his foes. Godstorm's mystic, cloud-like nature renders him resistant to aging, disease, and most physical assaults.