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Frogs of Central Park

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Former Members
King Glugwort (deceased). , Gullywhump (deceased)


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For years, a society of frogs has lived in Central Park, marking their home in the reservoir. Presided over by their monarch, King Glugwort, and his daughter Princess Greensong, the frogs avoided the tunnels beneath the park where the alligators lived, and shared a bitter enmity with he rats of Central Park, ultimately leading to a war between the two. One of the frogs, Puddlegulp, was once a man until being transformed by a vindictive witch. After the Asgardian thunder god, Thor, had been turned into a frog by his evil step-brother Loki's magic, he met Puddlegulp and followed him to the safety of the reservoir. On their way, Thor and Puddlegulp saw King Glugwort and his body guards under assault from the rats. They quickly moved to defend the king, but although they were successful in driving off the rats, they were too late to save him. They dying king warned them of the rats' plot to poison the reservoir and begged Thor to aid his subjects. The frogs followed Thor's plan: they attacked the rats and then strategically retreated while Thor descended into the sewers and lured alligators to the surface. They then led the rats into a trap where their ranks were decimated by the alligators. The frogs wanted Thor to remain as their new king, but he declined, and departed after thanking the frogs for their kindness. Puddlegulp said goodbye to Thor, revealing his own origin as a man, and informing Thor that he had surmised his true identity from the beginning. When Thor later returned to Central Park in his true form, Puddlegulp and Bugeye informed him of violence in the tunnels beneath the city. Thor entered the tunnels to investigate and fought the Marauders who had massacred the resident mutant civilization, the Morlocks. The Frogs of Central Park later witnessed a battle between the X-Men and Mojo in Manhattan's Delacorte Theatre, and assisted Dr. Stephen Strange after Dormammu had transformed him into a rat. Though they initially attacked Strange out of fear, they aided him in a ritual to summon the Earth goddess Gaea after he explained the situation. Later still, the frogs approached Thor on the eve of his battle with Onslaught to bid him farewell in case he should perish.


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