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"Fierce", Freke, Ravenous
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Geri ("brother")
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4' 2" (at the shoulder)
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Freki and Geri are Asgardian Dire Wolves that faithfully served Odin, later the monarch of Asgard, and accompanied Odin into battle and remained at his side when addressing Asgard. They were present when Odin used the Odinpower to restore Balder to life in an attempt to forestall Ragnarok, at Loki's trial for his attempt to cause Ragnarok and when Balder was proclaimed ruler of Asgard.

Powers and Abilities


They can run at peak speed of 55 mph for approximately one hour before tiring. They can see into the infrared portions of the electromagnetic spectrum allowing them to see in complete darkness. They can smell the approach of others within 100 feet of themselves and can track a scent across almost any terrain. Freki and Geri can judge a person's emotional state and can detect any changes through observing the heat patterns and scents that person gives off. Their hearing is sensitive enough to enable them to hear sounds beyond the range of human hearing. They also possess razor-sharp claws on all four feet able to rend flesh and light wood. Their natural fur protects them from extreme cold conditions.

Strength level

Freki and Geri possess superhuman strength (can carry approximately 2 tons), speed stamina, agility and reflexes.