Quote1 Yes... well... about that... I'm afraid Annabelle and Valkyrie might need time to acclimate to some changes. Quote2
-- Clea

Appearing in "Defenders, Part One"Edit

Main Characters:

  • Defenders
    • Valkyrie
    • Annabelle Riggs
    • Clea
    • Misty Knight

Supporting Characters:


  • Murder Trolls

Other Characters:

  • Ruthgar


  • Valhalla
  • Earth
    • New York, New York
      • Misty Knight's Safehouse


  • Dragonfang


Synopsis for "Defenders, Part One"Edit

In Valhalla, Annabelle discovers it's not quite the paradise she read about. Outside, Valkyrie encounters a group of Murder Trolls sent o assassinate another refugee there - Clea. She has been hiding in Valhalla while planning her next move against Dormammu. Valkyrie asks for her help in bringing Annabelle back to the living. Clea tells her it can be done, but not without great sacrifice. Later, in Misty Knight's apartment/safe house, Misty smashes a monitor in anger over the death of Annabelle, when Annabelle herself walks in. Astonished, Misty asks how and where Valkyrie is, when Annabelle changes into her.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • I know. You’re still upset about issue 6. But stick with us for a status quo change so big we can’t actually show you anything!

• Do not judge anyone’s safety by this cover.


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