Quote1 REJOICE! Celebrate once again the birth of TANARUS! Quote2
-- Tanarus

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Thor's spirit floats in an endless nothing, while on Earth his friends and family prepare for his funeral. Odin grieves his sons death and summons the All-Mothers and abdicates his rule to them. The Warriors Three break the news to Jane Foster, as creatures from across the Nine Worlds arrive to pay their respects. Odin returns to Asgard-space and casts out all the Asgardians, sealing the dimension behind him, with only his brother's body with him. The funeral pyre is lit and after a few moments, Tanarus emerges from the flames announcing his return, and everyone seems to know who he is, except for Loki who seems to know that something is not right. And in the white nothingness, Thor opens his eyes.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • • Odin decides the final fate of Asgard...and it will never be the same.

• The heroes of the Nine Worlds bid farewell to one of their own. • THOR NO MORE!


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