Quote1 Look around you, Hawkeye... we're going to lose. Quote2
-- Commander Rogers

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Thor is battling Nul and Angrir, and during the battle knocks Angrir away, nearly killing him. Franklin and Valeria arrive to try and help him, while Thor continues battling Nul. Meanwhile, Skadi handles the Avengers. But when the Serpent arrives with his Citadel, he destroys Captain America's shield and nearly kills the rest. But Franklin uses his powers, healing Ben Grimm and purging Angrir. Thor admits that he could never beat him, and instead knocks him into orbit. The heroes come to and realize that they are helpless.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • The blockbuster Marvel event of the year continues!

Thor. Hulk. Thing. It's time for the fight to end all fights. And while it rages, the Serpent's forces deal Captain America a blow that not even he can withstand.


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