Quote1 My children. We must not fail. I told you all I'd reclaim you from the veil of tears, and so I have. And now you must be ready for your work. Go forth and bring my terror to this place. Spread my gospel across this tomb of a globe we remain trapped upon. Punish and terrify every single living thing you can. You must not tire and you must not fail... show no mercy here; show no patience for these vermin. See them driven before you. Beat them and maul them and break them any way you know how. Do not stop. Make them tremble. Make them beg. Fill them with doubt and panic. And fear... Crush their capitals. Bring their leaders to their knees. Make them beg for mercy. Always fear. Our Time is at hand! Go forward in war and slaughter! Quote2
-- The Serpent

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The Worthy are rising around the globe, with hammers falling from the skies and possessing different people. As they do, fear and panic begins to spread around the world as well, feeding the Serpent. Reaching a crescendo, the Serpent sends his forces to attack Washington, D.C.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • The Mighty Thor--imprisoned by his own father! As Odin and the Asgardians leave the Earth to fend for itself against the God of Fear, the Avengers and the world's remaining heroes battle the unstoppable tide of terror! And then-- the Serpent’s Hammer fall! Who are the Worthy? Who shall rise up and join the Serpent as living Avatars of his evil? And how can the Avengers respond to...fear itself?


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