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Lord Fafnir, Dragon King, Great Dragon
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(former) King

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Nastrond, Asgard
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Appearance of Death


Named for the Storm Giant who held the legendary Ring of the Nibelung (from which was forged the Odinsword/Oversword), King Fafnir was the most evil of the people of Nastrond, who were infamous for their malevolent, immoral ways. Untold centuries ago, Fafnir led his people to defy the Asgardians ruler, Odin, whose wrath was so great he laid waste to Nastrond, apparently destroying its people and rendering the land incapable of supporting life; even rivers were turned to cracked crystal. Fafnir himself was left to perish in the barren wasteland, but he instead took refuge in the Cave of the Ancients, where a mysterious, radiant pool's "deadly rays of shimmering energy fed upon themselves eternally." These energies not only kept him alive but gradually mutated him into an immense dragon while allowing him to project an illusion of himself as an aged humanoid. For untold centuries, Fafnir grew in power, awaiting vengeance and hoping for a visit from Asgard's gods.

Eventually Odin, suspecting Fafnir's survival and needing Fafnir's defeat to restore life to Nastrond, sent his son Thor and the Warriors Three (Fandral, Hogun, Volstagg) to inspect the land, keeping secret his intent for Thor to encounter and defeat Fafnir. Projecting his feeble old man illusion, Fafnir duped Volstagg (who had taken watch duty) into following him into the Cave of the Ancients via offering "knowledge fit only for the greatest of warriors." Fafnir then revealed his true nature and origins, easily capturing and imprisoning Volstagg. When Thor, Fandral, and Hogun sought the missing Volstagg the next morning, the waiting Fafnir burst through a rocky overpass as they crossed. Proving immune to Fandral's blade and only stunned by Thor's blows, Fafnir unleashed his fiery breath, but Thor protected himself and his allies with his mighty hammer, Mjolnir, drove Fafnir back, and then unleashed a mighty lightning storm that shattered the ground beneath Fafnir, trapping him in a deep chasm. As the gods freed Volstagg, rain fell in Nastrond, and new life would soon grow there, though the region around the Cave of the Ancients remained desolate.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


He could exhale mystic flames capable of incinerating gods and other mystic beings of Asgard, though their exact temperature extreme is unrevealed. Fafnir can project an illusory image of himself as an aged man, affecting both visual and auditory senses. He can mentally ensorcel others with wills weaker than his, even affecting others with persuasive/hypnotic powers.


Fafnir is an immensely strong and durable dragon, able to use his massive tail as a devastating weapon. Fafnir can exist indefinitely without food, water, or oxygen, and he has superhuman longevity, much like the Asgardian gods.

Strength level

At the peak of his power, he surpassed Thor's Class 100 strength and was virtually invulnerable; even Thor's mightiest blows might only knock him off his feet, though Odin's magic could pierce his flesh.


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