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Essential Thor Vol 1 4

Essential Thor Vol 1 4

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The issues in this collection are unknown.


Written by STAN LEE & GERRY CONWAY Penciled by JACK KIRBY, NEAL ADAMS & JOHN BUSCEMA Cover by JACK KIRBY 'The Fall of Asgard!' 'The End of Eternity!' 'A Time of Evil!' If it's not one thing, it's another - but everyone's favorite thunder god is on top of it all...even when he's inhabiting his evil foster brother's body! Trouble comes from all directions with cosmic clashes against Galactus and the Stranger; demonic doings from Surtur and Mephisto; and Dr. Doom, the Wrecker and Mangog picking up the slack! Plus: giants, trolls, demons, robots and more! Collecting THOR #167-195. 600 PGS./All Ages ?$19.99


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ISBN Unknown.

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