In one possible timeline, the interstellar Skrull Empire remained a threat to universal peace far into the future. Around the year 2085AD, they invaded the planet Talbos, but the lupine inhabitants fought back ferociously; the Skrulls never claimed their world, and though the Talbosians became extinct, their restless spirits awaited an opportunity for vengeance. Sometime in the 22nd century, the Skrull Skyppi was born; deemed unsuitable for combat, he was assigned to menial maintenance work for the next 200 years, finally fleeing the Empire before he could be terminated for being too old to be useful.

By the mid-24th century, humanity had evolved into a telekinetic high-tech society living in gleaming cities; believing that the gods’ time as shepherds of mankind was coming to an end, and mindful of the Fates’ edict that only one Olympian, born both of god and mortal, would survive to be the patriarch of a new race, Zeus looked to his favorite son, Hercules. Realizing the headstrong demigod had not matured despite his many centuries of life and fearing he would therefore prove unworthy of the prophecy, Zeus banished Hercules from Olympus once more. Reasoning that on Earth Hercules was a god with no stimulus to learn humility, Zeus sent Hercules out into the stars where he would be a puny creature, giving him Apollo’s golden chariot as transportation.

After a wearisome journey to the Andromeda Galaxy Hercules came upon the Colonizers of Rigel, and asked to rest aboard their vessel; impressed by his tale, the Colonizers requested he take the robotic Recorder #417 along to record his further adventures. Their next stop was Starharbor on the planet Petocco, where they checked into the Stargate Hotel on the Rigellian’s bill. Intending to carouse, when Hercules was informed a fellow bar patron was a Pheragot, the galaxy’s strongest race, he immediately picked a fight, only to be derided as a bully when it turned out the Pheragots were also the galaxy’s most gentle race. Departing the bar in shame, Hercules publicly redeemed himself by rescuing the passengers of the crashed starliner Pedalo Crest and throwing the burning fuel cells into space before they exploded. Remembering his earlier mistake, Hercules later resisted giving “the gift of Combat” to an alien in the bar who accidentally spilled his drink.

Visiting Port Anteris on Wilamean, Hercules was duped into a fixed space race against fraudsters Clide and Alpo. Lacking funds to pay his gambling debt, Hercules handed over the golden chariot as collateral until he could pay; the crooked pair planned to sell the chariot, worth far more than the debt, but reckoned without Apollo’s violent and carnivorous steeds, who hospitalized them. Spotting a reward poster for rescuing the kidnapped Layana Sweetwater from space pirates, Hercules and the Recorder penetrated the villains’ lair, and while the former fought the entire pirate army as a diversion, the Recorder extracted Layana from her cell. Learning the police didn’t actually have the reward money promised, Hercules held on to the enamored Layana, and they soon consummated their passion, unwittingly conceiving a child; trying to fulfill his observation mandate, the Recorder was arrested as a peeping tom. Desiring to stay with the relationship-shy demigod, Layana lied to him, claiming her fiancé Count Igwanus of the Gegku had bought her from her father, but after battling Igwanus and his minions, Hercules learned the truth. Igwanus gave Hercules the rescue money, which covered both the Recorder’s bail and the gambling debt/hospital bill.

Passing through the restricted Omacron system on their way to the distillers’ planet, Ciegrim-7, the travelers were fired upon by sentry ships; after commandeering one of the attacking vessels, Hercules flew it to its base Starstation Raga, where its commander, Malin, informed him that each year for the last five, one of the habitable planets in the system had simply vanished, and this was the next due date. Soon afterwards, a pair of Kawa ships materialized around Ciegrim-7 and engulfed it in a stasis beam. Though Raga’s ships were swiftly shot down, Hercules’ chariot successfully landed within one of the Kawa vessels; briefly captured, Hercules learned the Kawa Brotherhood were sacrificing the planets to appease their Vengeance God, so he could cleanse those worlds as he had once cleansed theirs. Breaking free with the Recorder’s aid, Hercules destroyed the master towing device, and the pair narrowly evacuated before the Kawa destroyed themselves as failures. While Hercules though ashamedly of how the Olympians had once allowed themselves to be worshipped, the Kawa god, Galactus, headed for the Omacron system, angered that his yearly meal had not been provided. His herald, Nova, proceeded him; she and Hercules fought, but upon identifying Hercules, she ended their battle in order to romance him. Afterwards, while Nova rested, Hercules entered Galactus’ worldship and confronted him, but was dismissively overpowered. Unable to win by force of arms, Hercules came up with a new plan; he invited Galactus to share a drink with him and, when the Recorder provided a momentary distraction, slipped Ciegrem's most potent beverage into the world devourer’s cup, hoping to inebriate him. Unaffected but amused at the attempt, Galactus agreed to spare Ciegrim-7. Returning to the planet surface, the Recorder was reclaimed by the Rigellians until Hercules could pay off the charges he had run up on their account.

Eventually growing weary of the peaceful Distillers Planet, Hercules convinced the Rigellians to return the Recorder to him, and joined the Omacron Star-Cavalry, fighting alongside Commander Malin. Back on Wilameans, Layana gave birth to a son, Arimathes, whom she raised to hate his father, claiming Hercules had forced himself on her. Reaching adulthood possessing strength akin to his sire, Arimathes conquered the system on his mother’s orders, proclaiming himself Emperor. Layana had Igwanus tortured and blinded, keeping him as a palace slave to tend the prisoners in the royal dungeons.

Decades later, in 2385, rebels seized control of the Lerarak-27 asteroid mining colony; though Hercules overcame them, capturing their leader Stard and uncovering him as a Skrull agent provocateur, Malin was fatally wounded in the battle. With his friend’s demise, Hercules deemed it time to move on. He and the Recorder traveled to Deniciere in the Orion Galaxy, where Hercules became obsessed with a model, Sasha, only to discover “she” was the elderly Skrull Skyppi. Initially angered at being fooled, Hercules forgave Skyppi after he scared away a pursuing mob, and agreed he could accompany them on their travels as they fled the planet.

Investigating the ruins on Talbos, archaeologist Rojohn Smythe discovered the temple of the Red Wolf god and was possessed by the Talbosian spirits, becoming the god’s avatar, charged with destroying the entire Skrull race. At first, Rojohn believed he had dreamed this encounter, but a few days after departing Talbos he passed a disguised Skrull on a refueling starstation, transformed into Red Wolf, and killed the shapeshifter. Fleeing to Starstation Philord, he joined the electronic maintenance crew, only to transform again when union presidential candidate Parnal Banak visited. He slew Banak, another Skrull, but was captured by security forces. Soon afterwards, Hercules joined him in his cell, having been arrested upon his arrival for his misdeeds on Deniciere.

Meanwhile, back on Mount Olympus, Zeus decided the gods’ time had ended, and began slaughtering his fellow deities. Apollo fled, but Zeus withdrew the godly powers from all remaining Olympians throughout the cosmos. Apollo crash-landed on Titan, and was found by the Eternals there, while Hercules awoke to find his hair whitening as his immortality faded. When Skyppi came to release him, the Skrull triggered Rojohn’s change; Hercules fought Red Wolf to protect his friend, eventually convincing the spirits that Skyppi was an exception to their genocidal cause. Hercules, Skyppi and the Recorder departed the station heading for Earth, to ascertain what was happening on Olympus. Summoned to Titan en route, Hercules learned of Zeus’ madness from the dying Apollo; delaying only to defeat Dhielus Shreck, last disciple of Thanos, who had stolen Captain Mar-Vell’s Nega-Bands, the trio resumed their mission. They found Zeus in Olympus’ ruins; placing Hercules’ immortality within a pearl atop a flaming brazier, Zeus challenged his son. Hercules refused to fight back until Zeus seemingly slew Skyppi (a ruse), then, despite being severely wounded, swiftly overpowered his father, but could not bring himself to kill Zeus. Revealing it had all been a final test, and that the gods had passed on to another reality, Zeus gave his son a choice before departing himself: join his brethren in another world, or stay and forge a new beginning. Picking the latter, Hercules and his friends departed for the stars again.

To pay for repairs to the Recorder, Skyppi and Hercules fleeced the Bomb Crater Café before the trio returned to Wilamean to defend it from Galactus. Uncovering this as a deception by Clide and Alpo, Hercules learned of his son when he and his friends were subsequently captured by Arimathes; escaping with the aid of Igwanus, Hercules challenged Arimathes to a duel as his forces prepared to conquer the Omacron system. Wearing a blindfold, Hercules still defeated his son, locating him during the battle by listening to his boasts. Discovering humility, and realizing his mother had lied to him, Arimathes ordered her arrest and appointed his father as his new advisor.

Points of InterestEdit

Argo-7, Bomb Crater Café, Ciegrem-7, Deniciere, Earth, Mr Olympus, Omacran System, Port Anteris, Petocco, Starharbor, Starstation Raga, Talbos, Titan, Wilamean


A’Lars (Mentor), Alpo, Apollo, Aram, Ares, Arimathes, Athena, Parnal Banak, Captain Bauer, B’Mak, Clide, Deen, Dionysus, Brother Doowish, Duluka, Eros (Starfox), Mallax Fortnite, Galactus, Golden One, Har, Hephaestus, Hercules, Hmorrie, Lt. Iberi, Count Igwanus, ISAAC, J’Webb, Mr Koppalo, Ltooks, Amayd Malin, Maxy, Lt Mojo, Mona, Myra, Newbeau, Nova (Frankie Raye), Pako, Piel, Pluto, Pogu, Tyne Pryntess, Recorder #417, Red Wolf (Rojohn Smythe), Rojohn, Sub-Commissioner Ronhon, Dhielus Shreck, Brother Skagg, Skyppi, Commander Stard, Layana Sweetwater, Lucynda Thrust, Sub-Commander Tsak, Utuk, Wipo, Zeus

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