The Thunder God is dead. My fellow wraith warriors fail to understand how it happened, whether it was by the blade of the fire demon Surtur or by Thor's own doing. All we know is that He of the Hammer - the golden-haired Prince of Asgard - kicked down the Gates of Hel and screamed his father's name. Our mistress Hela sent out the war cry, summoning forth the skeletal legion to which I belong. The battle has now raged for many moons, although time has little meaning here in the realm of death. And, yes, while we have taken rest from our battle with the blond barbarian, we have guessed as to what brought him to our land. he continues to bellow his patriarch's name, calling out for the All-Father, demanding to know his fathe'rs whereabouts. But little does he know that Odin dwells not in Hela's kingdom. Nor does he stand in cursed Valhalla. Yes, the Asgardian knows as Thor has crossed over into the afterlife in search of his father... but his sacrifice has been made in vain. Where resides mighty Odin? Ah, that would be telling. My skeletal brethren wager that the trickster Loki knows... but does the Thunderer know how to cross back to life?

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