Quote1 The Axi-Tun have murdered the last vestiges of my people. I am the last Korbinite. Quote2
-- Beta Ray Bill

Appearing in "The Plague War"Edit

Main Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Axi-Tun
    • Sidereus
    • Aldebron
    • Throkk
    • Lord Votan
    • Landar
    • Dampyre

Other Characters:

  • M'Ndavians
    • Peacekeeper M'Duul


  • Hub Station
  • M'Ndavi
    • Temple of Sklarn
  • Axi-Tun System


  • Quantum Bands
  • Silver Surfer's Board


Synopsis for "The Plague War"Edit

The Axi-Tun continue with their plan to exterminate all the other races in the universe, but are stopped by the Star Masters.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • Continued from Star Masters #3! Silver Surfer and his cosmic squad declare on a planet full of ethnic-clensing space Nazis! Space fantasy gets a blast of the Power Cosmic as the first adventure of the Star Masters concludes!


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