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Code: Blue
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New York City
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Code: Blue is an elite NYPD SWAT team designed to combat superhuman threats. Lt. Stone once assisted Thor against the Asgardian rock troll Ulik, and was convinced by that encounter that ordinary men could make a difference in extraordinary circumstances. Stone helped initiate the creation of Code: Blue, which was overseen by Chief O'Grady and captained by Shelley Conklin, who occasionally joines Code: Blue in the field.

Code: Blue was originally a small hand-picked team led by Lt. Stone. The original members were "Fireworks" Fielstein, electronics & demolitions expert; "Mother" Majowski, technical expert, usually stationed in their van to monitor their progress; "Mad-Dog" Rassitano, sharpshooter; "Rigger" Ruiz, armory; and "Jock" Jackson, combat expert. Equipped with conventional SWAT gear and a limited supply of high technology, some of which was designed by Fielstein, Code: Blue quickly became a respected and effective force in the superhuman community. They repeatedly teamed with Thor against enemies such as Loki and the Wrecking Crew. Code: Blue worked even more closely with Thor's one-time replacement Eric Masterson (aka Thunderstrike). When Ulik badly injured Majowski while breaking out of prison, Lt. Stone had Masterson bring Code: Blue to Asgard, and they fought their way past Uroc and many other Asgardian creatures in an attempt to bring Ulik to justice. Masterson also aided them against the Absorbing Man, Bloodaxe, Carjack, the Peacekeepers of Lyonesse, Sangre, the Therman Man, and Titania (Mary MacPherran).

Jackson died when he took a fatal blast of energy from the Deviant Pandara that was meant for Thunderstrike. Subsequently, Code: Blue was used by the city to help field test Officer ZERO, the first in a line of proposed robot policemen; but the robot's creator, Thomas Rizo, was the brother of Rassitano's ex-partner, who had died in the field, and his subconscious blaming of Rassitnao manifested in Officer ZERO through the cerebral interface he had established to help it learn. To save Code: Blue from hi sown creation, Rizzo took hi sown life, severing the interface. Later, Jim Young, a representative of the mayor's office, became concerned about Code: Blue's budget, believing tha tth elocal super hero population was more cost-effective. Captain Conklin and Lt. Stone defied Young to keep Code: Blue running, ultimately proving their worth to the mayor, and the team expanded beyond its original lineup to include over a dozen other capable officers.

Other superhuman menaces that Code: Blue has faced include the Cadre, Cardiac, Carjack, the Demogoblin, Devil Dinosaur, Diablo, Dr. Octopus (Otto Octavius), one of Dr. Doom's "Doombots," D'Spayre, Evilhawk, Grey Gargoyle, Klaw, Kronin Krash, Phage, the Purple Man, Ren-Tech, the Resistants, the Scorpion (Mac Gargan), the Shocker (Herman Schultz), Thornn and Venom (Eddie Brock).

Although Code: Blue has worked alongside many of New York's super-heroes, Lt. Stone himself tries to keep them at arm's length, knowing that at any time they may go rogue, forcing him to bring them to justice. Code: Blue has been seen transporting super-powered criminals such as the Juggernaut (Cain Marko) and Absorbing Man (Carl Creel) to Inwood Armory and the Raft prisons.


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