Quote1 Hold them on standby. "Codename Lightning" has first pass at this. Quote2
-- Maria Hill

Appearing in "Civil War, part 3"Edit

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Synopsis for "Civil War, part 3"Edit

The Anti-Registration forces try to mount a rescue of a fire at a chemical plant, but it's really a trap by Iron Man and the Pro-Registration forces. Cap's team starts to mount a comeback, until Thor shows up.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • The battle lines are drawn as the conflict between the Super Hero Registration Initiative and the Underground Resistance fighters explodes in a live fire fight as the future of the Marvel Universe is decided! But before the dust settles, a familiar figure will emerge from a strike of lightning to change the odds - and the sides! Witness teams and families torn apart as the Civil War touches all and the momentous events of last issue changes the world as our heroes understand it!


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