Quote1 We thought they had a plan. A machination of divine complexity to overturn the world and rule it. But they do not. They are aimless. Insane. They want nothing except destruction. Their goal is to collapse this world in flame and horror. Quote2
-- Hercules

Appearing in "Friends and Foes"Edit

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Synopsis for "Friends and Foes"Edit

Hercules has been driven insane by The Storm, as their new God of Chaos, and is tearing apart Astoria. His friends, new and old, work to free him from their grasp. Finally heeding Captain America's call of "Avengers Assemble!", Hercules snaps out of it and burns out the brand on his arm. The Storm disappear to find a new God of Chaos, and the Avengers leave to finish their Civil War, believing that the Storm has been stopped. But they haven't, and since they cannot even see them, it is up to the heroes of old to finish the battle.


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    Solicit Synopsis:

• As a civil war rips through the Marvel Universe, HERCULES battles to stop the Uprising Storm…the one threat no one else is aware of. • But if the first super hero is going to save the world, he’s going to need help, and not even the Avengers are going to stand in his way. • With no one else to turn to, Herc must recruit heroes of myth to stand at his side. • HERE COME GILGAMESH, BEOWULF, IRE, THESEUS, SIGURD and LORELEI…the GODS OF WAR!


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