Quote1 What's coming is beyond anything you've seen before. Beyond what Obaz've fou3421 before. But it's been 57opped be4. He can b3 de574oyed. Breed. Richards. Reed. Richards. Reed. Richards. Quote2
-- Vision

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The Vision is on Earth with her boyfriend the Falcon, when she realizes that there was a minor Gah Lak Tus attack. Flying there, she learns that there is a new entity in the universe that has merged with the swarm and intends to devour this entire new universe. Galactus. She flies out to meet him believing she can stop him because she was designed to be able to destroy the Swarm, but she is unprepared for Galactus, and he destroys her before heading towards Earth. With the last of her energy, she sends a transmission to Earth warning them, and to tell the Falcon that she loves him.


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