Quote1 Hello, Karnilla, no greeting for an old friend? Quote2
-- Utgard-Loki

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Synopsis for "Balder the Betrayed"Edit

Karnilla is ecstatic when Balder returns. She rushes to greet him only to be captured by the frost giant shape shifter Grungnir who has assumed Balder's form. The Frost Giants turn Karnilla's demons to stone and find Frey's sword hidden in Nornkeep. Frost Giant King Utgard-Loki gives the sword to his warrior Hagen, then takes Karnilla to Jotunheim. Balder and Agnar return, discover the Frost Giants' involvement, and head for Jotunheim led by the eagle Whiteface. Meanwhile, Karnilla is forced to clean the fortress while the giants mock her. At night, Utgard-Loki turns Karnilla into a sparrow, placing her in a cage. Balder and Agnar make camp. Rattusk, one of Karnilla's demons, appears and tells them he has found an entrance into the fortress. Balder leaves with him, only to apparently return and attack Agnar, who recognizes this Balder as a fake and slays him. In death, "Balder" becomes Grungnir. Agnar runs after Balder only to apparently find him dead.


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