Quote1 We may be... but flesh... and blood... subject to... the vagaries of time... but Mjolnir... is eternal! Quote2
-- Thor

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Synopsis for "Kang War, Part Six"Edit

The Avengers are fighting Kang's forces on all fronts. The team in ancient Egypt takes out Kang's weapons manufacturing capabilities. The team on Sacniaa is having their futures robbed from them, until both Thor's join their Mjolnirs, taking out the alien attacking them. Ant-Man shrinks down and rewires the circuitry, repairing their future timelines. Back on future Earth, that team takes the fight directly to Kang, whose weapons begin to disappear, thanks to the team in ancient Egypt. But as they are about to take out Kang himself, various iterations of him begin to appear and defend him, killing the others and rupturing them through time, until Pym uses the aliens weapon on Kang, and steals all his futures, causing the other iterations to vanish. They leave the device with the future Vision and return home, but one timeline problem pops up when the gravestone of Avenger X appears in the basement.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • “Kang War VI” concludes!

• The rules of time are fluid — and when reality re-forms around the Avengers, not everything (or everyone) will necessarily be in the same place it was left!


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