Quote1 A century? Please. I am Hercules, son of Zeus! I'll live to see the sun go cold! I have centuries to spare! Quote2
-- Hercules

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Synopsis for "Kang War, Part Two"Edit

The Avengers were pulled into Limbo just before the time wave would have erased them from existence. A Kang from an unknown reality, one that had seen the error of his ways, rescued them in order to stop the Prime Kang. Back on Earth, Hercules looks up Sybil in order to gain insight into where Kang and the Scarlet Centurion will strike next. He then flies to Vietnam, the place where the Vision had hidden the Kang child, in order to try and stop them. Before he left though Sybil gave him a pendant that created a small zone where the Avengers could return to the world and not be affected by the deaths of their infant selves. Realizing that Kang and the Centurion truly have time on their side, the Vision sends The Wasp to return the infant Kang to his point of origin.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • • KANG WAR TWO! The Vision is hell-bent on revenge against Kang and if the Avengers can’t hold the synthezoid back, all of history is in jeopardy!


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