Quote1 You are a brave and fearsome warrior, and together we are sure to face many foes on many adventures... standing side-by-side in great battles, and the celebrations that will follow. But this is a giant. And I was born to fell giants. Quote2
-- Thor

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Synopsis for "Strong"Edit

In the Savage Land, the Avengers discover that the Children have been taken by the High Evolutionary as he begins to experiment on them. The High Evolutionary has used their power to reawaken a Terminus to distract them, but Hyperion forges ahead and rescues the Children from inside the head of Terminus, while Thor stops the monster itself.


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    Solicit Synopsis:

• The High Evolutionary stakes his claim on the Children of the Sun. • Hyperion learns the true cost of the decisions he’s made at the Origin Site in the Savage Land. • The Return of techno-titan Terminus.


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