Quote1 I won't lie to you... you're going head-to-head with an indestructible cosmic force... It is by definition a suicide mission. But if you don't try... If someone doesn't try... There will be no Earth to come home to. Quote2
-- Captain America

Appearing in "If At First You Don't Succeed..."Edit

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Other Characters:

  • Annie (Noh-Varr's girlfriend)




Synopsis for "If At First You Don't Succeed..."Edit

At Avengers Tower, Captain America is addressing the "space" team that is heading out to confront the Phoenix Force directly and letting them know up front what their odds are. Noh-Varr goes to visit his girlfriend and let her know that he most likely will not be coming back from this missiong and kisses her goodbye.

After reaching the Phoenix Force and failing[1], they are inside their ship when Noh-Varr makes a discovery. Thor's hammer Mjolnir has captured some of the essence of the Phoenix Force and he realizes that they have been given a second chance to stop the Phoenix Force. Confronting the Phoenix Force a second time, Thor successfully captures a large part of its essence so that it can be studied and beaten. Once back aboard the ship, Noh-Varr tells them that he cannot allow the information to get back to Earth, instead it must be delivered to Hala and the Supreme Intelligence, and then blasts the other Avengers.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • • AVX TIE-IN!

• One of the Avengers must betray the team to fill their destiny with the Phoenix. • A game-changer for the Avengers franchise...and it is not who you think! • Comics legend Walt Simonson is back!!


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