Quote1 Yet, in all the endless cosmos, mine eyes did ne'er behold warriors more valiant'... nor friends more faithful! In sooth, though I undertake a thousand thousand quests... though I try to drown my memories in the heady nectar of adventure... a part of Hercules shall ever be.. an Avenger! Quote2
-- Hercules

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Synopsis for "To Tame a Titan!"Edit

Hercules has been banished to the same realm where Typhon banished all the other Olympians. Being only a demigod, Zeus has the power to send him back to the Earth. There, he finds the Avengers fighting against Typhon, and barely holding on. But together, they ultimately defeat Typhon, and Hercules has made the decision to leave the Avengers and return to Olympus, now that he is back in Zeus' good graces with his victory. Zeus banishes Typhon to Hades, and the Avengers are down to only three members.


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