Quote1 Now all we have to di is find this Hela and your hammer and what? Defeat the Goddess of Death and her unlimited godlike powers, change everything back to the way it was before she took over, find a way back to Earth and hope people missed us while we were gone? Quote2
-- Iron Man (Tony Stark)

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Thor, Iron Man and Captain America are in twisted Jotunheim, having gathered an army from across the Nine Realms, and wait for Hela's arrival. While waiting, Lady Mageth talks to Steve and expresses her feelings for him with a kiss. Hela then arrives with her army of the dead having also raised some old familiar foes. While Iron Man and Cap fight off the hordes, they dogpile on Thor. Thor breaks free and lunges at Hela, but she stabs him with Twilight. Just as she is about to behead him, she is struck from behind by the Enchantress, who heals his wound and whisks him away to where Mjolnir still lays. She apologizes for all that she's done, and they travel back where the battle is renewed. Iron Man calls upon Fafnir, telling him to burn whatever is fighting Thor. Between Fafnir, Iron Man, Amora and Thor, Hela drops Twilight which Thor then claims. Using its power, he resets everything to how it was before. Cap and Mageth find themselves in a field, while the others are some distance away. Amora uses her power to send them home, but a touch too soon, because Cap disappears before he can embrace Mageth. Back in the ruins of Heimdall's Observatory, the gathered heroes and Asgardians wait for something to happen, when the three heroes arrive. Thor gives Heimdall Twilight to hide for all time. Off to the side, Tony apologizes to Steve for all that's been said and done, and hope s he will give him the chance to earn his friendship back. The two friends embrace, and then joining Thor, they lead all the others home.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • The blockbuster Avengers series that brings the holy trinity of Avengers brotherhood together comes to a whopper of a conclusion as Captain America, Iron Man and Thor team up for the first time in years to bring down the Hela, goddess of death, who threatens the existence of the whole of the Nine Realms! From Avengers writer Brian Bendis and comics legend Alan Davis!


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