Quote1 I fear we are in the bowels of Hel, my friends. I fear we have died. And this is the punishment for all our sins and the sins of our fathers. Quote2
-- Thor

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In the remains of Vanaheim, Thor confronts Hela and demands to know how she got such power. Meanwhile, Tony Stark works on the Trolls fear of Thor into letting him go, but Fafnir gives chase. As Tony is about to be roasted, a shield flies into Fafnir's mouth as Steve Rogers takes him down. After Tony gets his armor back on, they follow the lightning until they find Thor bloody and unconscious. They take him back to Mageth. Thor comes to in Mageth's home, and he tells them that Hela has Mjolnir now.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • The team-up you never thought you'd ever see again! Steve Rogers and Tony Stark battle together to save each other and the life of their fallen friend Thor! But will that be enough to heal the divide between these two headstrong heroes? And what is the secret to the nightmare that is destroying the Nine Realms?!


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