Quote1 An lo, there came a day. A day like none other... when Hela, Goddess of Death, came to what is left of the Nine Realms and remade them in her image. Where there is hope, there is now fear... where there was birth, there is now blood. And where your father once stood, that is where I am. Quote2
-- Hela

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In Vanaheim, Amora and her monsters continually attack Thor, all the while she is blaming him for "all this." Elsewhere, Iron Man is confronted by some Trolls who take him prisoner, and Steve Rogers fights off more Elves. After defeating them, he meets a beautiful woman who tends to his wounds, while Tony is brought before Fafnir, who is overjoyed at the chance to kill a friend of Thors. Simultaneously, all three Avengers learn that when Asgard was brought to Midgard, and it upset the balance and all the other realms began bleeding into each other. Into this disaster has stepped Hela, who is taking control of all the realms.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • Steve Rogers, Tony Stark and Thor have traveled to a mysterious dimension of the broken Nine Realms and have to fight their way to one anothers side or they will never make it back home. This vital chapter will impact the lives of all of the characters and resonate in the pages of Thor for years to come!


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