Quote1 He's not a thing! We don't throw him like a frisbee! He gets to choose! He didn't decide to become the Hulk... but he gets to decide what the Hulk becomes. You choose, big guy... Quote2
-- Spider-Woman

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Synopsis for "Virus, Part Three"Edit

Onboard the Helicarrier, Spider-Woman uses her pheromone powers to calm the Hulk long enough to give him the cure to the virus. In China, the C-130 arrives in China, but the Avengers have tracked it to the hanging coffins of Gongxian County before losing contact. Sergei tells Mr Han. that he doesn't understand his plan, but Mr. Han explains it. Most people cannot handle the virus and die, but there are a group of super-people that are to arrive very shortly - the Avengers themselves will serve as perfect hosts. Mr. Han then kills Sergei and waits for his guinea pigs to show up. Just as the Avengers arrive, Mr. Han releases contaminated water, intending to flood the province, providing him with an army of enhanced monsters. Iron Man realizes that since the Hulk is already infected, he can be used as a dam to block the waters, and the Hulk agrees. Thor then uses Mjolnir to summon a cyclone to suck the water into the upper atmosphere where it freezes and Captain Marvel hurls it into deep space. Breaking into Han's stronghold, Hulk takes matters into his own hands and hurls Han into a wall. Back at Avengers Tower, the Avengers decide that both Tony and Bruce lost the bet, since it was Captain America that found Sorokin first. So Tony and a Hulked-out Bruce strip naked and walk from the Tower to the Baxter Building and back.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • • Spider-Woman is totally safe locked in that box with the parasite-infested Hulk... right?

• Remember that time Tony Stark said he hated trust falls? You knew that was going to come back. C’mon. • ::whistles:: Hanging coffins of the Bo ::whistles:: • Yun Guang Han’s done it--he’s infected his Order of the Dragon initiates with next-step evolutionary bacteria and built himself a super-creepy (and kind of gross) army... WITH WHICH TO CONQUER THE WORLD. • Mwah ha ha etc.


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