Quote1 Thus speaks Thor, for the mighty Avengers! Let all America... ay, the very world... heed my words! From this day forth, no atomic tests... no scientific inquiry... shall be allowed upon this planet -- lest any other mortal gain super-powers -- and force us to vanquish him! Disregard this command only at thine own peril! Quote2
-- Thor

Appearing in "...And Time, the Rushing River..."Edit

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Synopsis for "...And Time, the Rushing River..."Edit

After returning home, the Avengers notice that things seem off, but it's not until the enter Avengers Mansion that it really sets it, because already there are the original Avengers. They soon figure out that they are in an alternate reality, one where the original Avengers never broke up and were convinced by the Scarlet Centurion to defeat all the other people in the world with powers in order to bring about paradise. The Avengers use Doctor Doom's time machine to return to their own world after defeating the Centurion and his Avengers.


  • Also included a pin-up of the Avengers by Jack Kirby.

    Avengers Annual Vol 1 2 Pinup


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