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Clint Barton watches TV as the media focus’ all of it’s attention on the news of five superpowered beings banding together as The Avengers. Iron Man presents the team with a copy of the team’s charter and their proposed by-laws. Stark takes the lead in setting the expectations for this group and that ruffles a few feathers especially the Hulk. This and other events spark several confrontations with the green-skinned golioth. Iron Man meets with Special Agent Murch of the National Security Council and initiates discussion on a special priority status for the team. Iron Man clarifies the Hulk’s official standing following his departure from the team. During their search of the Atlantic Ocean the Avengers locate a frozen costumed body.


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  • Part 1 (of 8). This is where the legend began! A bi-weekly look into the early, pivotal period of the Marvel Universe, when five fledgling heroes - Iron Man, Thor, Giant-Man, The Wasp and The Hulk - banded together to fight the foes no single hero could overcome! But how did the public react? How did the U.S. government react? Previously untold secrets surrounding the formation of the Avengers are revealed in this all-new series, just in time to sate fans whipped into a frenzy by the Avengers Disassembled event. Here, for the first time, don't miss a beat as five individuals must learn to work as a team, and forge a legend!


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