Quote1 Our passion reached a certain pitch, and then... we nearly split the planet in two. After that, we agreed it was probably safer if we steered clear of each other. Shame, though... he was the beast I've ever had. Magnificent. Quote2
-- Zephyr

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Thor now finds himself in the pocket universe prison of Alter-Ego, who is hungry. Thor escapes by finding the end of the tesseract and stepping through. He appears lost until he is assisted by the Stranger. The Stranger reveals that he created Ego, but needed materials owned solely by the Collector, whose price was that the Stranger create Alter-Ego for his collection. His curiousity aroused, the Stranger has given Ego the means to move through hyperspace and the capacity to sense his "twin." But unbeknownst to Thor, he just helped the Stranger to free Alter-Ego from his prison. Back on the Collectors Museum, Zephyr tells the Collector her brief history with Thor, while Ego and Alter-Ego are on a collision course, with Earth in the middle.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • Asgard is in ruins, and now—the infamous Grey Gargoyle strikes! In search of the fabled Apples of Idunn which give immortality to the gods themselves, the rock-like horror will stop at nothing to achieve the endless life he has so long sought. He invades the fabled, though fallen city, turning all before him to unmoving stone in his awful quest. And it seems as if not even the Thunder God himself can give the Grey Gargoyle pause. Don’t miss this stand alone special written by the cosmic team supreme of Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, ably illustrated by Mark Brooks. It’s the perfect introduction to the wondrous world of the Mighty Thor.


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