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Arthur Suydam


Real Name
Arthur Suydam
Date of Birth

May 18, 1953

Personal History

Arthur Suydam was born on May 18, 1953 and raised by a family of artists, who helped him develop his talents when he was recognized early on as a prodigy. By the time he was fourteen he had won awards for his drawings. At age eighteen he was working in the field of illustrated writing. Suydam is also skilled in music, and worked as the tour music director for The Comets after Bill Haley's death. Following the Comets' tour he did a stint with The Platters. He was then hired by film producer Bill Delia to serve as music director and composer for Thomas Berger's The Feud, where he had a chance to work with Bruce Springsteen, Elton John, Billy Joel, and the Rolling Stones.

As he moved back into writing and illustrating, he attempted to bring to the world of comics a fusion of sequential art with classical painting. He was in favor of bringing comics to a more mature audience by giving them a more artistic feel and literary value.

Also an accomplished singer-songwriter, Suydam’s love of American roots music has led him to perform with Bill Haley’s Comets and The Platters, as well as composing and recording the soundtrack to the critically-acclaimed independent film, The Feud. Suydam’s own band, the Gotham Playboys, has recorded and is currently on tour with Bruce Springsteen. Arthur Suydam lives and works in Manhattan’s East Village.

Professional History

Suydam has contributed work to many publications, including Heavy Metal, House of Secrets, House of Mystery, Penthouse Comix, Epic Illustrated and National Lampoon, as well as international sci-fi and comic anthologies. His own projects include Arthur Suydam: The Art of the Barbarian, Skin Deep, The Alien Encounters Poster Book, Visions: The Art of Arthur Suydam, Mudwogs, Mudwogs II, Bedtime Stories for the Incarcerated, Libby in the Lost World and The Adventures of Cholly and Flytrap (recently serialized by Image Comics, and soon to be released as an animated feature through Paranoid Delusions).

He was the Artist Guest of Honor at Dragon Con[year needed] and received lifetime achievement awards from both the University of Maryland and the San Sebastian International Film Festival in Spain. He has been inducted into the Society of Illustrators in New York, and in 2005 was honored with the Spectrum Gold Medal for Institutional Art/artistic excellence.

Arthur Suydam is perhaps best known as a comic creator, who has contributed to such titles as Batman, Conan, Tarzan, Predator, Aliens and Death Dealer. Recently, his work has primarily been on covers, including for Marvel Zombies, Ghost Rider, Hellstorm, Moon Knight and Wolverine for Marvel Comics, as well as covers for the much-anticipated crossover of Marvel Zombies vs. The Army of Darkness and Raise the Dead for Dynamite Entertainment.

He has also created the box art for the game Touch the Dead, and provided the cover art to the Mickey Spillane (with Max Allan Collins) novel Dead Street.

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