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Unrevealed, if any; formerly Ego (mobile); Archeopia (native planet, destroyed), home galaxy unrevealed.
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220 lbs
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Billions of years ago, Archeopians, including Tyrill and Illoll, discovered the incubator-cube holding the being who would become Galactus after it fell into orbit around Archeopia. An exploratory craft determined the incubator to be a cage or cell of some sort, and they decided not to tamper with it, lest they release the unknown. They warned their brethren, and the incubator-cube orbited undisturbed for years. When interstellar war spread into Archeopia's sector, marauding ships discovered the incubator-cube. Suspecting it to be a weapon, the entire fleet trained its firepower upon the cube, which merely released the now fully matured Galactus. Devastating the entire fleet and consuming its energy, Galactus nonetheless remained ravenous and drained Archeopia's life-sustaining energies, little caring who or what existed on the first world he fed upon thusly; a small fleet of ships carrying foresighted Archeopians launched into space, escaping death. Viewing the carnage he had wrought, Galactus vowed to be more than a force for destruction, taking millennia to create Taa II (named for Galactus' native world), an immense world-ship engulfing the Archeopian system.

Becoming known as the Wanderers, the Archeopian survivors traveled space, seeking revenge. In recent years, the Wanderers pursued the Rigellian ship carrying Thor Odinson and Recorder #211 in pursuit of Galactus, rescuing and resuscitating the pair after their ship was destroyed by energies unleashed as Galactus battled Ego the Living Planet. The Wanderers located Galactus and Ego anew, and the latter brought Thor, Recorder and the Wanderers to its surface, sparing them from destruction from the two cosmic forces' clash. From the Wanderers' crippled ship, Thor and the Wanderers erected a stand to house Mjolnir, and Thor channeled his godly life force through Mjolnir at Galactus, presumably magnified by some sort of weapon designed by the Wanderers for use against Galactus. Apparently fearing for his life from the blasts power, Galactus fled. Their ship destroyed, but briefly satisfied with their accomplishment, the Wanderers accepted the grateful Ego's offer to make their new home on a portion of his surface transformed into a lush and verdant haven for the Wanderers. Soon after Thor left, however, Rigellian colonizer Tana Nile took a sample of Ego to terraform a planet later known as Blackworld. Driven insane by the sample's removal, Ego consumed all of the Wanderers on his surface. The Archeopians' seperate identiteis vanishe dinto Ego's own. The Archeopians are believed to be extinct.

Ree "of the long extinct Archeopians" was one of the cosmic entity Eon's previous Protectors of the Universe, wearing the Quantum Bands (sometimes in the form of a single necklace) to ensure conditions in the cosmos remained amenable to life; it is unrevealed whether Ree was active before or after Archeopia's destruction. After death, Ree presumably manifested within the White Room that housed all former Quantum Band wearers' residual life energies. In recent years, Ree was one of four former Quantum Band wearers (including the Stygian Starbender, Trill and the unstable Marvel Boy/Robert Grayson duplicate aka the Crusader) formed from Eon's corpse by the mad Titan Thanos and sent to battle current wearer Quasar (Wendell Vaughn), who overloaded the ersatz Ree's, Starbender's and Trill's bands, destroying them and their wearers.

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Habitat: Habitat of this race is unknown.
Gravity: Gravity of this race is unknown.
Atmosphere: Atmosphere of this race is unknown.
Population: Population of this race is unknown.


Type of Government: Government type unknown.
Level of Technology: The Archeopians were a peaceful society, possessing advanced technology, but maintaining a verdant planet. Even billions of years ago, Archeopians possessed interstellar ships and advanced scanning equipment. Their ships had large Vacu-Cylinders to gather objects from space; pneumatic tubes for rapid transport within the ship; therapeutic Vita-Fluid to resuscitate organic beings (including non-Archeopains) and even androids; and a Translato-Ray, which allowed them to learn a sleeping being's language.
Cultural Traits: Cultural traits unknown.
Representatives: Illoll, Ree, Tyrill


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