Quote1 Foolisssh mammal. There isss no point in runninggg. You annd your friendsss arree mine nowww, to do withhh as I please. You belongggg to Annihilus! Quote2
-- Annihilus

Appearing in "Family Business, Part Four"Edit

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  • Jury-rigged ship

Synopsis for "Family Business, Part Four"Edit

The Avengers have set out to help Sam find his missing dad, when they pick up multiple distress signals. Upon arrival to the unknown planet, they are shot down, finding several alien races that have all fallen into the same trap. A strange vortex appears and, plunging through it, awaken to find themselves in chains. When Ms. Marvel tries to escape, she his blasted by Annihilus.


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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • • The Search for Nova’s father begins! The Avengers join Sam Alexander for a spacefaring mission to find Nova’s lost father--

only to find themselves trapped on a galactic prison planet!


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