Quote1 To them, thou art no dealmaker. To them, thou art devil. Tempter or tempted -- you sin the most. Quote2
-- Enchantress

Appearing in "In Which a Witch Will Beget a Very Excellent Piece of Villainy"Edit

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Synopsis for "In Which a Witch Will Beget a Very Excellent Piece of Villainy"Edit

West of London, Angela rides carrying the skull of Serah. Following her instructions, they travel to the realm of Faerie and confront the Enchantress. Using illusions, she tries to tempt Angela, but to no avail. The Enchantress warns her that if Angela cuts her down, she shall become the new Queen of Faerie. Without hesitation, she does, and the Enchantress warns her that hundreds and thousands will come begging to her, and when she does grant their wishes, they will curse her name. Using her new power, Angela returns Serah to live and tells her that she does not know what her new powers will make of her, so she sends her back to the mortal world telling her that she loves her. Back in the mortal world at the Mermaid Tavern, Serah comes across Marlowe and is confused because he should be dead, stabbed through the eye. He confesses that he was commissioned by the Enchantress to spread is tale, spreading her power. Serah draws her sword and taking him captive, brings him to the Tower of the Witch Hunters. In its lowest level, she puts him in the Iron Man, with its metal spikes draining his blood. Using it, she creates a special ink which she gives to William Shakespeare to write a special tale, one in which Angela will live forever.


  • Collected in 1602: Witch Hunter Angela TPB #1

    Solicit Synopsis:
  • • Spurred by revenge, Angela races to meet Enchantress’s endgame as the gates of Faerie are wrenched open!

• The dead walk and speak (and tell terrible jokes), and Kieron and Kody Chamberlain lead the revels, as Angela embarks on the Wild Hunt for Serah’s soul!


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